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Marleah Leslie 

& Associates

Entertainment & Corporate, Public Relations 

Marketing, and Branding

About Us

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Marleah Leslie & Associates is an entertainment and corporate publicity, marketing, and branding firm with more than twenty years of experience.

The company has grown to represent some of the most well-known public figures in the entertainment industry and has helped create successful PR campaigns for some of the most recognized brands in the world.


Our hands-on personal approach, selective clientele and impeccable reputation sets us apart from other firms in the industry. We specialize in innovative, show-stopping, multi-tier campaigns that build both national and international awareness and brand recognition. 


Marleah Leslie & Associates specifically tailors each creative campaign to our client’s needs.


With a dedicated team of publicists who work tirelessly on behalf of each of their clients, the premiere agency has grown with its A-list clients, standing the test of time while creating new and noteworthy ideas and partnerships.


We continue to grow and prosper, with impeccable experience and a record of excellence.

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